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Smart Loyalty members support charities and local fundraising appeals

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Reward points earned through loyalty programmes, like ours, can be used to do a lot more than get the latest TV or BBQ. While long-standing traditional redemption components such as product-based rewards, travel and vouchers still play an important role - adopting a wider range of redemption strategies and options is crucial for loyalty companies to respond to the rapidly evolving consumer mindset.

Here at Smart Loyalty, we expanded our reward offering in 2019 to support causes that are not only important to us, but to our customers as well, by giving programme members the opportunity to “do good” with their reward points, by donating to a variety of charities.

The latest fundraising appeal was set up to support the farmers affected by the Canterbury floods, with members donating over $1,200. Smart Loyalty matched the first $1,000 raised, resulting in a total of $2,200 being paid directly to the Mid-Canterbury Rural Support Trust.

This adds to the $6,161 already donated to charities this year, and $31,723 raised since the introduction of “Social Good Loyalty” to Smart Loyalty programmes two years ago.

According to Australian fundraising company, Imagine Corporation, 27% of loyalty programme members want to donate points to charities or local community initiatives. This is not just a fad or a trend, it is being driven by a generation of people who want to take pride in the companies and products they align with. It provides an authentic, purpose-driven option for rewards members, who like to feel empowered to support their local communities and have a real impact.

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