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Rewarding customers for their loyalty is no longer a case of if or why, but rather a case of how and when? 

The fundamental question of ‘why loyalty as a business strategy’ has never been more in focus around the management team and board room table. The largest and most innovative companies around the world know that in seeking to drive long-term profitable relationships from their customers, it is critical to understand the role that the law of reciprocity plays in establishing trust, commitment and an emotional connection with their brand. 

Drive customer retention

Say thanks to your valued customers and give them a reason to say no to the competition.

New customer


Entice new customers by creating a real point of difference in a world of discounts and rebates.

More business from customers

A way to grow share of wallet from existing customers.

Customer Visualisation

Understand customer preferences with the data, intelligence and unique insights created through loyalty solutions.

Enrich your comms strategy

A loyalty programme enables you to send personal and relevant communications to your customers around your products, services and promotions.

Industry proven R.O.I

utilisise a business tool that does not cost you until the customer has the desired behaviour.



Smart Loyalty have become an integral part of our sales and marketing strategy for the trade customer segment of the automotive market. We continue to see strong growth, high levels of engagement and great return on investment through the GetGenuine programme.

- Fixed Operations Manager, Ford New Zealand


I work with a number of groups with member benefit offers but have never seen the surge of interest and uptake as we have from Smart Loyalty’s members.  We are especially pleased with the ratio of new business and former customers who have reactivated their OfficeMax accounts as a result of the Smart Loyalty offer.

Scott Russ, National Manager, Groups & Associates


"Meridian Energy has had a long-standing partnership with Smart Loyalty and it’s one that we value greatly.  The longevity of the relationship – nearing a decade – is a testament to the quality of the rewards programmes that they deliver and of their people.  Working with Smart Loyalty enables Meridian to create a meaningful point of differentiation helping us to acquire more customers.  Based on the results and our experiences to date, it’s a partnership that we see continuing well into the future."


- Kevin Klein, Sales Partnerships & Marketing Operations Lead


Smart Loyalty have built a solid reputation for having one of the best rewards programmes in the building and hardware industry. We use the programme not only to generate more business but to also encourage early trade account payments.  We highly recommend this programme to anyone wanting to reward existing customers, build new business and improve payment dates.  

- Drew Ridley Managing Director


"The programme has given us the ability to recognise and retain customers without resorting to discounts to get the business. We have also seen a very positive effect on our customers payment behaviour in that we've seen a noticeable improvement in our accounts being paid current.  ” 

— National Sales Manager, PPS Industries

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